Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hoya carnosa

This hoya Carnosa has been flowering again and again since I put it outside last year during the warm season for the first time. It's one of the few who doesn't seem to suffer from the very hot temp we're having in North Italy these days. (33°C)
Ce Hoya Carnosa fleurit continuellement depuis que je l'ai mis à l'exterieur pour la première fois l'année dernière en été. Il est un des rare qui semble ne pas trop souffrir du climat très chaud en cette periode en Italie du Nord (33°C).


Sandy said...

What a healthy looking you like the scent of it when it blooms?

33 Celcius is very toasty...we had a few days of that hot weather here too...

christelle said...

Hi Sandy! Thanks for your comment. I do like the scent of carnosa,it's not my favourite though. I think it's amazing hoya flowers can have so different scents. So far, lacunosa is the nicest to me. I've seen you had lots of flowers lately. How lovely!
The weather is really hot these days and I have to keep the AC on inside, the hoyas outside seems to be ok so far, but lots of them got sunburnt. :(