Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hoya kentiana

Hoya Kentiana is a nice and easy little plant. I had to make some new additions because I've lost some hoyas this summer. My fungii, which was one of my favourite, died probably because the temperatures were too high (40°C). Fortunately, the cutting I did of it is doing well (I will post a picture soon). My meredithi also gave up. My serpens suffered a lot but is still alive.
Hoya Kentiana est une jolie plante assez facile. J'ai du faire de nouvelles acquisitions vu que j'ai perdu plusieurs hoyas cet été. Mon fungii, qui était un de mes préféré, est mort probablement à cause des très hautes températures que nous avons eu cet été (40°C). Heureusement, la bouture que j'ai faite va bien (je posterai bientot une photo). Mon meredithi aussi est mort. Et mon serpens a beaucoup souffert mais est toujours en vie...

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Sandy said...

Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years!...sorry to hear about some of your hoya loses ....your kentiana is lush and full....It almost looks like cv. minibelle to me but maybe its the picture.....its beautiful nonetheless :)